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The Paper Plane

We were very fortunate to be among the grantees of the Art by CLES program put in place by the Lebanese Center for Special Education.
Children with learning difficulties can thrive when provided with appropriate support. We hope this film will help.




Jad - Raoul Sleiman
Jana - Chloe Fadel
The teacher - Chadia Bou Habib

Idea and Concept
Grace Khawam
Walid Sarrouh

Creative Direction
Pamela Farhat
Michel Doumit

Script and Dialogue
Raya Boustany
Grace Khawam
Walid Sarrouh

Michel Doumit
Walid Sarrouh

Art Direction
Khoo Siew May

Animation Direction
Jay Septimo

Khoo Siew May
Jay Septimo
Helgil Siega

Additional Designs
Bea Trizia Jimenez

Disability Inclusion Consultant
Grace Khawam

Sign Language Interpreter
Joelle Beainy

Music and Sound Design
Walid Sarrouh

Audio Recording
Studio Ralph Sleiman

Special Thanks
Rony Harb
Carlos Chahine
Balkis Sadek
Pierre Sarraf